Friday, February 19, 2010

Intriguing And Yet...

So when I woke up this morning & stumbled naked from my bed to my computer desk--> I wasn't drunk, I do this every morning<-- my skype account had a message notification. I opened it to find this:

There are thousands of unhappy married women and men in every city, but they DO NOT want to leave their spouse. They want to stay married, but they want to have an affair without ever being caught. Our dating community is extremely popular!

Having an affair can be stressful because you never know if the other person involved is going to get attached to you. You just want to have an intimate encounter and nothing else.

A great thing about this Discreet Dating Community For Married People is that there is no cost to join. You can check it out, see if you like it, and then begin contacting married people for secret intimate encounters.
Press here if you want to have an affair with a married person...

I'm not including the link!!!

Some of you might find yourselves too old for The Girl Code, or, as my role model Fran Fine calls it the OGC; short for Official Girls' Code, but I for one believe that this sacred text is TIMELESS.
I'm pretty sure with the scandal of Tiger Woods it was recently amended to read:


The reasoning being, well, there's so many reasons why you shouldn't do it:

1. It's Wrong--you are completely disrespecting that man's promise to another woman. A promise he made before GOD <--I don't know if you believe that, but my mom's Jewish so I had to throw in a little guilt.

2. I'd like to think that 8 times outta 10, the buster never leaves his wife. Why? Because divorces are expensive and if he wasn't very seriously considering spending his life with her, he would have divorced her long before he started sleeping around.

3. THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON: If we stop screwing married men, ALL OF US WOMEN ON THE PLANET, then, in theory, we wouldn't have to worry about our husbands screwing any one else...except other men...

4. Did I already say IT'S WRONG?

5. If you get caught, it's nasty business.

I had this friend Priya* & she started fooling around with a married man from her office. When his wife found out, she rallied their family against Priya and before we could all even blink, there was a "Ayirp: the anti-priya" Facebook group, telling everyone about Priya, the poor-sad wife who had given her husband the best years of her youth and wanted to have babies before her biological clocked stopped ticking, etc...

And then the guy went back to his wife.

That guy was a creeper; shortly after Priya decided to stop taking his calls (he was trying to sell her this whole "I'll be married, but I'll always love you" deal) he emailed me wanting to meet. I had no idea how he got my email address but decided to meet him up. We met on campus (he works for my university) in front of the main library. Right there, in full daylight, this guy starts sobbing incontrollably. I laughed nervously as passers-by started staring, indicated a table and told him to say whatever he needed to. After hearing his story, I told him, 

"Hey, I know Priya's a great girl, but it's not fair to her or your wife. You have to move on."

 He told me I was right and thanked me for meeting him. I said,
"No problem, this is actually right next to the class I just came from."

He says, "I know. I looked up your student record so I could work out a time and location that would work best for you, I also got your email address that way."

I wished him luck, said bye, laughed nervously, and grabbed my bookbag before casually walking/jogging/sprinting off.

Do you see where I'm going with this???

Sleeping with married men is BAD. Don't do it.

*Priya is not my friend's real name... I felt this warranted a disclaimer...

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