Monday, February 22, 2010

Metaphorical Dump on my Dreams

My hopes and dreams have been trampled.

I cannot find the spell check on here; I constantly have to come back and re-read posts to see if I misspell <--I'm not even sure if that's how you spell misspell...
Now I go to google and start typing words until they come up correctly spelled.

That's not what trampled my dreams.

Yesterday, on my way out, I decided to check to my mail.
What should be in there other than my first Law School rejection letter...

From my dream school, who shall remain nameless.
It's a good thing that by saying I was on my way out, I actually meant headed to the bar.

This photo is a metaphor; the van is my hopes and dreams.

I was going to scan it & put it up here so that you could live vicariously through me and bask in my rejection. Until I remembered that after reading it, I threw it in the trash.

It is now buried beneath stale brownies and empty cans of chef boyardee.
May it rest in peace.

My yoga instructor gave us this assignment two weeks ago where we had to take negative situations and think about the underlying positive implications beneath them. Her deal is that positive thoughts create positive life.
This got me to thinking about something almost practically unrelated, the film Up in the Air.

I was thinking about George Clooney's line that he uses everytime he fires someone;
"Anybody who ever built an empire, or changed the world, sat where you are now. And it's because they sat there that they were able to do it."

Didn't I write a post about sperm and failure or something?

Anyway, okay so my point is I guess getting rejected is one of those things that's going to build my character and maybe, in the long run, a different school is going to be better suited to my needs.

I'd like to leave you with this thought for today:
Go fuck yourself, UT Law!


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