Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stop me if I'm rambling...

I am horrible at waking up for my 9 am painting class.

I go, I get paint all over myself, my prof comes up to me and says "You look like you're having fun. At least you're learning how to use paints!" Which I'm pretty sure translates into "You have no talent for painting" in painter talk.

Let me get back to my original idea; so I have to study for this classical mythology test (I failed it) but it's Sunday. The test is Monday, and at 11 pm Sunday night, I still haven't started studying. I've never done this before, but I decide to buy a Full Throttle and make a night of it. My reasoning was if I studied and then got tired, I was not going to wake up for art and our prof is mostly pretty alert to absences.

I missed the first day of class & she found me--ON FACEBOOK--and messaged me to see if I was still in her class because if not she would like to give my seat (only 10 students are allowed in her class) to someone else. I don't think it helped that my facebook status on that particular day was "Lauren decided not to go to class today."

So anyway, I stayed up all night cramming and drinking Full Throttle.

When I got home around 3, I passed out upon entering the front the door. I woke up 4 hours later with a fever.
I'm not saying it was the Full Throttle.
While I was taking my test, the kid next to me had a suspicious case of the sniffles--it coulda been him!
Or anybody Really..I've noticed an outbreak of cold-like symptoms on campus cropping up these last few days.

But I am saying, Full Throttle is the only thing that makes my symptoms go away. Maybe because it's an energy drink?

Or maybe it's a clever conspiracy coined by Fuze Beverages.

I can't stop drinking the stuff.

The downside?

Full Throttle+Sleep Deprevation= Massive Headache

Full Throttle+Gummy Bears= Stomach Uneasiness+Mild Diarrhea

2 cans of Full Throttle in under 8 hours= Hallucinations+ Paranoia

Full Throttle+Cold= Manifestation of Attention Deficit Disorder Tendencies....maybe I already had those...
This is science, people!

Like today, while my friend and I talked about stripping (we're in a gender & society course together) I interrupted him to tell him how I love the blossoms, even though they stink. I walked away from him & pulled out my camera. He comes up to me and says, "I think you have A.D.D."

Just then, a group of girls walk by; one of them says, "Ugh, it's these flowers! That's what stinks!"

A second girl, "Omg, it IS the flowers!"

Me, "See! I told you!"

I forgot what I was talking about...

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