Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Am He As You Are He As You Are Me & We Are All Together...*


this is one of those times I'm going to ask you not to judge me.

I've only done this twice, the other time was when I told you that I liked the Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen) song.

What I have to say is this: I love cartoons.

<--Not, like, all of them. But I do get a lot of pleasure from coming home from school, falling into my green, corduroy fabric couch & watching Nickelodeon. I mean, I watch other stuff, too. But I like cartoons for the following reasons:
A) You don't have to think about them
B) You don't have to be emotionally involved to enjoy one
C) They're funny.

[I also tend to do everything in 3's, it's my favorite number...I rarely ever make it to D in a list]

This is going to be a big jump, but I hope you can come with me; I realized very recently that I am Squidward.

Why/How you might ask...
Like Me, Squidward is a guy is utterably dissatisfied with the company around him.

I don't know why I don't actually like most of the people I know, I'd like to think that it's because I've just been unlucky. Or maybe I'm an ass hole.

Moreover, Squidward finds himself surrounded by people who love him irreconcilably. This is true for my life, as well, & I'm aware that I don't necessarily deserve it.

Squidward, like myself, also derives pleasure from very simple things and occurences.
--> It's true, I'm thrilled by the most miniscule things; waking up on time, for instance...

And probably, the single most important thing we have in common; Squidward sees himself as a Jack-of-all-Trades. He paints, he sings, he dances, he tries to host his own tv show, he plays the clarinet, he gardens.
I paint, sing, try to dance, write this blog, and everything I touch dies...
Both of us are relatively good at a lot of things but Great at nothing.

At the root of this post is the concept that Squidward and I both operate a specific niche in our respective worlds--one that can only be filled by a bitter, curmudgeonly sort of person. What we bring to the table is a specific air of mediocrity and animus.

I also find that Squidward's facial expressions fully illustrate my feelings at differential points of the day:

Squidward illustrating my usual look of bewilderment...

Me in the Morning Before my can of Full Throttle...

Me, mid-afternoon, suffering the consequences of having Full Throttle and Coco Puffs for breakfast...

Me soliciting change from a fellow student as part of the Miss Greek 2010 competition...

Me in class, annoyed by the kid-sitting-next-to-me's dumb question...

Me, cramming for an exam, bothering a student with last minute questions.

& I apologize for all the pictures. I just wanted wanted to get my point across.

I'd actually also like to apologize for using Beatles' lyrics for the title of this crappy post and for having a semi-existential crisis at the expense of your time and attention (please don't tell my parents).



  1. Nothing wrong with using Beatles' lyrics.

  2. Thanks!
    I sometimes worry that using Beatles' lyrics in association with my ramblings is a lot like eating Creme Brulee with a plastic spork.

  3. Sis-- I hope I am not one of the people who you dislike in your life! LOL..