Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Letter to Little Girls*

*Who should not be reading this blog! But I am not your mother so if you are, in fact, reading this, "thanks" & proceed.

Dear Little Girls,

I recently noticed all the toy commercials geared towards you advertising dolls that pee & poop.

For example

You CAN be anything you want to be, I just hope you aspire to greater things than wiping child butt for a living.


The worst part of this advertisement: "What will it be: puppy poo or puppy pee?"

Little girls, I know that at your tender age you look forward to a time when you will be in the position to nurture another living creature.

I urge you to rethink this desire.

When you reach your twenties, you'll actually avoid things that need your assistance peeing and pooping. Like babies, and puppies, and the elderly...


  1. thanks for coming by my blog
    i aim to be silly

    yea girls are told to take care of other things when they are young, such as dolls and small animals

    guys are told to commit crimes, such as driving their hot wheels really fast through loopty loops and raising animals for fighting other animals. michael vick never had a chance.

  2. your boyfriend is from pusan? so i assume that your bf is korean?

  3. That assumption is correct!
    yeah, he's Korean!

    haha, but it would've been super fun if I said he was really Swedish, just born in Korea or something...