Monday, March 22, 2010

R.I.P. Spring Break

It's Monday.

That doesn't just suck because it's Monday like it regularly would. It sucks because Spring Break is over. My last undergraduate spring break.

I realized this today as my cell phone alarm went off at 7:45; leaving me blinking in the dark of my bedroom. Because I sleep with nick-@-nite on, I could hear Dora the Explorer prompting me to translate orders in Spanish.

"Why the fuck am I up?"

& the answer was--because you have to get dressed and go to art class now. It's Monday. Spring Break is over.

Fuck you, Monday!

It's not like I did anything super fantastic--well, I guess it was to me. I spent the entire week with possibly the most important person I know right now--important to me & not related.

& now it's gone.

I'd like to think it went by so fast in part because of the Earthquake that hit Chile, which tipped the Earth's axis, & made the days shorter. One might argue that the days are only shorter by mere miliseconds but I don't fuck around when it comes to my time off from school, especially since it's my senior year. That shit adds up, okay?

Tonight while I bs my way through a paper for gender & society, I'll take a break, grab my 40 from the fridge and pour a little out on the sidewalk in front of my house for my late holmes, Spring Break.

R.I.P. Spring Break 2010--you were so young.

All photos in this post are from Spring Break 2009 where I ventured to Panama City, FL.
... In case you were curious.

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