Monday, March 8, 2010

Throw Down For the Crown

Reader(s); you know how my little blurb under my blog title lists "shameless self promotion" as one of this blog's topics? Well here's one of those times where I will shamelessly self promote myself. The thing is reader (s), I'm running in this campus wide pageant at Texas A&M. I know what this sounds like; I AM NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL. Really, I'm not. I can't even explain how I ended up here.
But the point is, I need your help. Although you're most likely a good friend (or at least an associate) of mine, I can't take the chance that you're a stranger who doesn't know about this. I'm collecting online votes from now until 11:59 Tuesday night. & you can help by clicking HERE & opening the Miss Greek Tab on the left & then clicking my picture!

Because you could be a stranger, I am going to give you reasons why you should vote for me:
1. I can read
2. It's almost like we're friends since you get to read my thoughts and embarassing stories.
3. I am the underdog; but in a way where I could totally take this whole thing. Who doesn't love the underdog?
4. I'm good people about 85% of the time.-->I actually think the sorority I represent IS one of the Best sororities on the Texas A&M campus. We're minority based, service based, and we rock! We put a lot of good back into our communities.
5. If we meet each other in real life, ever, & you tell me about how you came across my blog & saw the link & voted for me online, I will totally stop what I'm doing, take you to a bar & buy you the shot of your choice; unless you're not of age, in which case, maybe a nice appetizer or dessert of some sort...?
6. I came up with the phrase "Throw down for the Crown" by myself; this shows you that I am not only clever, but also I feel it reinforces the claim I made in the introductory paragraph--seriously, pageants are NOT my dig.
& this is why I should be your Miss Greek 2010! the end?

No but really, please do it! If you don't, I'll send the creepy-scary-monster girl from all of the chain letters in the world to go after you.


  1. I'm passing along the Happiness 101 Award to you! Check out my blog for the rules!

  2. wooow! thanks! haha
    it's the greatest thing i've gotten that i didn't have to actually work for. haha