Saturday, March 13, 2010


You guys, I'm sorry. I haven't been here in like a week.
I was craaazy busy because of the pageant I mentioned last blog (which, by the way, I came in as 1st runner up). Some may say "no one remembers #2," or "if you're not first you're last," but didn't that nursery rhyme say "0 is the hero [which would make the girl who came in last feel GREAT--except she came in 4th because they placed us all], 1st is the worst, 2nd is the BEST"<--so yeah, eat that! & moreover, I won $400 with my 2nd place victory! Booya, nay-sayers!
So yeah, one of the people in my very small pool of readers gave me this award:
Dear Kayla @Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal->thanks, bro! haha. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to my blog, in life.

With all great things comes responsibility. In this case, there are rules:
1.)When you receive this award you must thank the person who awarded you in the new post.
2.) Name the 10 things that make you happy
3.) Pass this award onto 10 other bloggers and inform the winners

My 10 things that make me happy (In no particular order):

1.) Taking funny pictures, adding stupid captions

My Friend, Luis, & his giant cock.

I ♥ cock!
Okay, that was inappropriate, sorry.

2.) FULL THROTTLE: I drank one ONE TIME to help me stay up all night, now it is my favorite thing, ever.

3.) The number 3. -->Because my whole life is arranged in 3's. Not kidding. I could go into detail, but then I might seem like a crazy person & I'd prefer to save that for another day.
the number 3 was actually the inspiration behind my Om tattoo; I didn't want to get a number tattooed on me; people might think I was some sort of east LA chola...
You could make the argument that it's an E, but I see an upside down 3.

& this is the resulting tattoo!
4.) Shakespeare; Man & Dog--

My dog's name is Shakespeare, so named after the man who not only made me love English, but inspired me to be a creative writing major.

Cutest face in the wooorld.

This is a bad angle/picture of me but Shakespeare is rocking the camera.
The Man

5.) Selling things!
Like things I don't want any more--old text books & doing people's homework for money & creepy dolls in the back of my closet--> those things! I'm so happy to get rid of them, I'd give them away for any amount of money.
Like Plato's Closet bought some boots from me for $2.50--I didn't even care, I was just so happy to be rid of them.
But I also like donating! I'm super excited for the TAMU Undie Run this May because
A.) I'll get to donate some old, gently used clothes to a good cause.
B.) I'll get to take those old, gently used clothes off in public.
C.) Naked running in group form.

"We're streaking! We're going to the quad!..."

6.) Not Killing things...
Because, usually, keeping things alive is something I'm not good at.

This bamboo plant has been hanging on to life by a thread for approximately 4 years. I also kill ants who intrude into my living area...

But then I got an orchid plant for my 22nd birthday & the flowers fell off so I thought I was killing it BUT I  managed to keep it alive almost a whole year! Two weeks ago it had buds:
Lola, the orchid plant; a survivor!

& then this week, it had flowers:
Lola, being ravaged by my sister's dog, Coryatt.

My dog is also a notable survivor of my neglect.

7.) Scraping all the dead skin off my feet with Ped-Egg
My feet feel like they're wrapped in Satin afterwards...
& I secretly enjoy looking at all the dead, collected skin shavings after.

8.)  Reading!
I'm a HUGE book worm! 

Some of the things I like to read:

New Issues of GLAMOUR Magazine:

Pablo Neruda's Poetry

William Shakespeare Works<--I know, I just said that.

& I also read these books by Piers Anthony called the Xanth Series

Yes, they're Science Fiction; like with dragons & mermaids & shit. No, I have not played this game. I didn't even know it existed until I entered "Xanth" into google & this came up. Yes, I am sometimes embarassed at my own dorkiness.

9.)  Fried things


Fried Alligator

& beignets!

& Boat trash!

& Waffles! --> Although I'm not really sure if they count as fried...

10.) All the wonderful Nouns in my life.
People, Places, Things

Like my crazy friends:
Like Fall '06 at Monica & Anthony's New House!

Like my family!

Like my dad who also happens to be the greatest dad ev-a-r.

Like my super funny & smart big brother, Ray.

Like my amazing cousin Geenah & Titi Lucy

Like my Thrilla from Manila BFF, Darlene!

Like my Boheme Bombshell, Flor.

Like my Manager, Katie (on the right)
Manager in a figurative sense. This is my Line Sister Monica, Me, and Katie after Miss Greek; I'm saying "We're #2!"

Like my writer family, New Caney & Coppell

& concludes the list of 10 things that make me happy!-->although there are much more than 10, I'm not hard to please...

Okay so now the final portion of this blog; passing on the award;
I'd like to give this award to
1.) My cousin, Geenah at Okay, I feel better now
2.) My friend, NikiCoppell at Pheonix Rising
3.) Kevin Atteridg at Something Like That--for being the first person unrelated to me to read & follow my blog.
4.) R.Y.E. at R.Y.E. Blogs who was one of the first people to compliment my blog via 20SomethingBloggers

& umm...that's pretty much it. Maybe if I grow some balls, I'll work up the nerve to award Hyperbole & Half, The Sassy Curmudgeon, & Hipstercrite.


  1. wow thank you for the award! This is my first official blog award ha! I was reading your latest and thought it was really funny and out of nowhere I see a shout out to me!

    Thanks and I hope my Top 10 will be just as fun!

  2. You have an award at my blog! Congrats!

  3. You've received an award from me as well!

  4. I'm in this! Have I told you that I love you? :D <3