Monday, April 26, 2010

Everything BUT studying...

Yeah so Tuesday I have a test in Gender and Society.

I haven't read shit for it.

Correction: I've read 168 pages today of most boring book in the world about the ways American society reinforces heterosexuality and heteronormativity through the Western marriage ritual and the negative repercussions of Western marriages including reproduction of patriarchal hierarchies, exploitation of foreign workers, and creating a new breed of wedding-crazed women who will, in turn, contribute to the same oppressive cycles of patriarchy and exploitation...and oppression.

I won't name this book because that's rude, but it might as well be named, "Why Marriage is Fucked Up--A Plethora of Negative Things that Happen When Americans Marry."

The book is so boring, I'm doing a million other things right now.

Like blogging.

I also completed one of those Flow Chart things about which Sex And The City character you really are--because, let's face it--We are NOT all Carries. Yeah, umm, I might even put it up here one day. First, I need to download photoshop so I can make it amazing because my scanner is WACK and everything comes out as unlegible number signs and randomly paired letters.

It's times like these when I've had half a can of Full Throttle and I'm avoiding studying that I take time to ponder the really important questions and mysteries in life.
Like why waffles are so superior to pancakes...
And why birds that don't fly haven't lost their wings in accordance with evolution...salamanders are blind because they don't need to see. I'm just saying.

While I'm here, I should probably also apologize to you for wasting your time with this post.

& now:

Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party Time! Excellent!


  1. thanks for your concern
    i dont party anymore

    i love wayne's world too

  2. nonono, not like you should party!

    being single's a party in and of itself--it's fun!

    i hope you're feeling better. even just a little is good. :)