Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old People Say the Darnest Things.

My art professor is a little crazy. I guess that comes with the territory but sometimes it catches me off guard.

Like today--we are in the middle of a peer critique of our latest works and my prof starts rambling about death and art. She's talking about how death influences our work and gives us motivation to leave behind a legacy through our work. To support this statement she says, "We only have sex because we're going to die. We have sex to procreate and continue our line."

Is that why we do it?

I guess I'm a jerk because I couldn't help but say, "Oh yeah, that's  why we have sex. I mean, that's the only reason I do it."

The gay guy to my left echoed my sentiments, "That's the only reason I do it, too. But I think I'm doing it wrong since I'm not with child at the moment."
Maybe it was a little disrespectful to say those kinds of things to a professor, but I can't help but feel like she walked into that one. And also, I figured I have nothing to lose since she already hates me because all of my work looks like I ate a box of crayons and then vomited directly onto the canvas.

Another notable instance of an elderly person saying something funny is Linda. Linda is maybe 65, working on her undergrad at A&M. She's also just a little bit racist. Or a lot-a-bit.

In our gender and society course, we're currently reading a book about the sexual experiences of Mexican immigrants living the United States. When asked how the experiences of immigrant women and men differ, Linda answered, "Well, Mexican men have machismo. They put the women second and Mexican women are subservient. But that's how it's always been. Also, Mexican men have Latin Lover's Syndrome. They have a hard time being faithful to just one woman and it's more acceptable in Mexican culture for the man to have a mistress...I'd say even expected."

Haha, Oh Linda, you nut! I know in your teens songs like, "She could shake the maracas" ran rampant on the radio but we have ipods now & even though you're probably as stubborn as you are wrinkley, you were supposed to abandon all those racist ideals back when the civil rights movement proved successful.

& now for your viewing pleasure:

With Lyrics:

Every Latin has a temper,

Latins have no brain
And they quarrel as they walk in
Latin's Lover Lane
So before you lose your temper
Listen little senorita,
And I'll tell to you the story
Of Pepito and Pepita

She could Shake the Maracas
He could play the guitar
But he lived in Havana
And she down to Rio del Mar.
And she shook the maracas
In a Portuguese bar
While he strummed in Havana
The distance between them was far.
By and by
He got a job with a band in Harlem
She got a job with a band in Harlem
Ay! Ay! Ay!
He said, "I'm the attraction"
She said, "I'm the star"
But they finally married
And now see how happy they are
So shake your maracas
Play your guitar!

Sing it, Desi!


  1. This is why I love you so damn much!!! LOL...

  2. Haha; I'm glad you appreciated that. I miss you, G. :)