Monday, April 5, 2010

Where Were You When...?

In my last post, I encouraged the members of Generation Y to think of the questions that will come to define us in the future.
Did I not? I meant to.

But anyway

The questions were
"Where were you when 911 happened?"

"Where were you when America mobilized and invaded the Middle East?"
"Where were you when Obama was elected?"
"Were you watching when the Saints totally dominated Superbowl XLIV?"

For me, the answers to the third and fourth questions are nothing spectacular; I was watching Tv-- I didn't vote but I was desperately hoping and praying that Obama would be elected. Why didn't I vote? I was 21 and stubborn...and stupid...and I didn't believe in the power of my individual vote. But, I digress.
To question 4 I say, "Yes I was bitches! & I was wearing the shirt I made for MYSELF with Pierre Thomas' number on the sleeve, made out of gold sequins."
& I was uber proud! Who loves you, baby?

To get back on track, once again, where I'm going with this is that writing those questions encouraged me to think about my own answers to them.

The day 911 happened, I was in the eighth grade and one of my classmates was telling about something he saw on the news where a bunch of people were jumping out of this skyscraper that was on fire. I thought he was joking and even if he wasn't, I couldn't see how that really related to me. A couple of hours later, every teacher had their local news station on and we all watched replays of the coverage in silence. School ended early and everyone's parents were called, emergency trauma councelors were brought in for the rest of the week. I don't think I realized at that moment, just how much my world had changed, would change...

Fast forward to a year later. I was a freshman in high school. I was with my two best friends at that time, Crystal and Darlene-->Darlene IS STILL my best friend, at Crystal's family's place.
Crystal's family had a small property on the outskirts of town. Their home was situated on a large lot of land that was covered in pomegranate trees. It was a weekend evening and the three of us were sprawled out on Crystal's front lawn stargazing.

It looked nothing like this, but we were nearly in the country so the sky was beautiful.

Crystal's mom called us inside--the media had just released a statement from the Whitehouse; America was mobilizing in an effort to track down the parties responsible for 911. Killeen, Texas--the town I grew up in--is a military based town. Thus, this statement had particularly large implications for all of us.

Even then, I thought about how just a moment ago the three of us were laying out in the grass. We were young, sweating beneath the stars, taking in the scent of pomegranate fruits ripening and the even sweeter musk of the fallen fruits rotting. We were little girls swatting away mosquitos and telling stupid stories up against the earth. But I knew, we all knew, the world as we knew it had just changed and could never go back.


  1. thanks =]

    should i answer these questions too?

    i am year older than u, i was in 9th grade when that happened

  2. Haha, if you want to!

    Are you really? I'm 22! I'm just older than most of the people in my grade!