Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Mommy Haikus

Mom; A Series Of
Haikus. Because I Suck At
Writing Poems That Rhyme.

Mom, I have so much
to thank you for that I have
never said to you.

First and Foremost, Thanks
for squeezing me out of your
vagina back then.

And also for your
patience during my birthing
process and childhood.

You encouraged me
to be different and to
always be myself.

You tolerated
all of my quirks and phases;
For that, I love you.

You never let no
one say bad things about
me; even teachers!*

You bailed me out of
jail and helped me dye my hair
blue; without judging.

We bump heads a lot,
But behind your craziness,
I know you love me.

Thank you for doing
everything you had to do;
you sacrificed much.

Thank you for being
there, even when I was bad--
Thanks for being my mom.


Happy Mothers' Day, Mom!
♥ Lauren

*Originally said any one but that would have made the first line 6 syllables.

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