Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is it Hot in Here Or is it Just Me?

Yeah, no--it WAS hot. & smokey. Because my brother and I installed our dryer and so set off a chain reaction that invetitably ended with the fire department coming into our place and tearing out a large chunk of our wall.
Because the wall's interior was on fire.

Yeah, there's a whole guy hanging from our cieling, putting out fire. Apparently, if we hadn't caught it just about when we did, we would have set the entirity of building seven on fire by way of the fire spreading quietly through the building's attic; which has no sprinklers or fire detetors.

I had to move with my dad for a week while the space was being repaired.
Fortunately, the cause of the fire seems to be faulty wiring and therefore my brother and I (and our insurance company) are NOT liable.

I came back last night & the whole thing was kind of surreal for me; it was like I'd never lived here.
I tossed and turned for awhile that night...I think my bed might be covered in fiber glass dust.

But anyway, I didn't have access to the internet. So if you're wondering why I wasn't writing or responding to the random stalker hate mail on my last post, it's because I was away from the computer.

But I'm back now & all is well.

I hope you guys are okay, too. :)


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