Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breast of Fresh Air

My sister, FlorCarl, & I have a very special relationship.
Sometimes we text eachother random pictures; like she'll text me a photo of her sleeping & I'll text her back a picture of me playing with a furby.<--that only happened once, I found it in my high school closet at my mom's house.
Yes homo. haha, Just Joking.
But really, she always knows how to bring a smile to my face, take for example, the following conversation carried out via text message:

1:44 pm
FLORCARL: I'm gonna cut the hair! I'm nervous!
ME: You're cutting it? Like short?
1:46 pm
FLORCARL: Not super short! How much should I cut off? I can't decide on a style!
ME: How much are you thinking of taking off? I like your long hair.
1:52 pm
FLORCARL: I like it too...but it's damn hot! Lol. I was thinking to my bra strap?
1:53 pm            
ME: It's about to be winter, impatient ass. I'd go to like mid-breast
2:01 pm
FLORCARL: Hahaha...you love me!
FLORCARL: What is mid-breast?
ME: (In response to "you love me") I do.
2:02 pm           
ME: Like where your nipple starts. Haha
2:06 pm
FLORCARL: Got it! Lol...that's exactly where my bra strap is! Whoop!
[Note: "Whoop" is a common Aggie term expressing joy/excitement.]
ME: Why do your nipples start so high? haha
2:11 pm
FLORCARL sends picture message. I hesitate to open. Picture is following photo of Gwyenth Paltrow with attached message: What do you think of this length...it's shorter in the back.
2:12 pm
FLORCARL: Big Nipples! haha
ME:  It's cute. I was worried it was going to be a picture of your nipple...
2:14 pm
FLORCARL: Can't stop laughing.
2:15 pm               
ME: I'm going to post this on my blog tomorrow...


  1. The best part is that you really did post this. Hahaha.

  2. haha, I don't make empty threats. lol
    hey, i read your post for today; it's funny like I feel the same about the guitar! & also I have curly hair too & I HATE how long it takes to straighten it & I hate getting it cut because a lot of people cannot cut curly hair. It's a pain. haha