Thursday, September 9, 2010

You Might Be Cursed If...

Actually, I don't think I'm cursed.

But I'm fairly certain our apartment is.

The word the maintenance men actually used was "haunted" but I think that's just a tad on the meretricious. There is no proof of paranormal activity here, just some maintenance problems.

But the argument could definitely be made that this place is cursed. For example,
8/7/2010 We move in. Shortly thereafter, I inadvertantly let in a cockroach; find it in my room, under bed. Irrational fears ensue.

8/22/2010 Apartment catches on fire due to faulty wiring in dryer unit. We almost kill everyone in building 7 for failing to realize small fire growing inside wall.

8 days later, we are allowed to move back in. The apartment is still covered in soot from the cieling's fiber glass insulation and extinguisher fluid. Cleaning people come Wednesday; forget to clean. Return to clean following day.

8/31-9/6 2010 pass without problem. Maintenance returns to replace light bulbs, install dryer. Leaves note saying they "checked" A/C unit. Replaces air filters.

9/7/2010, approximately 1 am: power goes out during thunder storm. On-call maintenance sleeps through multiple phone calls. Regular maintenance comes promptly after 7 am phone call & restores power.

                Replace breaker.

9/8/2010 A/C stops working.

9/9/2010 Maintenance checks A/C. It's still hot as balls in here.

The last time I saw a maintenance guy face to face and we talked, I apologized because Shakespeare wouldn't stop barking at him & he says, "Oh it's okay, I know he's a nice guy. He's just trying to protect you now but usually when I'm here, he's the sweetest thing."

& then it hit me how much maintenance has been here.

Today, Ray said we should maybe consider moving. We live on the third floor so I, personnally, am not looking forward to dragging our sofas down the stairs. I can take a little temporary heat & technical difficulties; we did, afterall, set this place a-blaze a couple of weeks ago so there's bound to be issues.

But the fact that maintenance called this place haunted makes me think they know something I do not.

I will be on the look out for any displaced growling noises, slime coming out of the faucets, or small microcosms inside the refrigerator.

Ghostbusters is still my favorite thing & arguably the best haunting situation possible; the marshmallow monster is almost as cute as the pillsbury doughboy.
As a matter of fact, the only way it could've been any better is if it had been the pillsbury doughboy instead of the marshmallow monster.

So, yeah. I guess that's about it.

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