Sunday, November 21, 2010


"I'm taking the bus."
It was May 2010 & I saw him walking my way as I crossed the lawns of the quad.
It was officially my last day as a student at Texas A&M.

He smiled when our eyes met & that was the first thing he said, "I'm taking the bus."
It wasn't planned & it wasn't awkward.

Skywalker* didn't mention every thing that'd happened between us (or better yet, what didn't happen) but was just casual and took my arm in his.
"I just took my last exam," I told him.
"Wow, congrats! So this is your last day as an undergrad! Will you even be coming back on campus besides graduation day?"
I smiled, "No. I guess not. This is it, then."
"So this is your last walk on the A&M campus?"
I nodded.
"Well, I'm glad I get to be the one that walks you."
& everything about that moment was so perfect, I tried not to blush. It seemed like we got to the bus stop too quickly.
"Congrats again. Maybe I'll get to see you before I leave for my internship."
"I hope so." & I hugged him before he got on his bus.

That was Skywalker--he always knew the right thing to do & say & time had a funny way of speeding up whenever I was with him.

When I look back on my time at A&M, I think about him.
I think about sitting across from eachother in the library during finals week and laughing everytime we caught eachother's glance.
I think about the withered pink rose in my memory box; the one he left on my bird bath with a hand-written sonnet when he invited me on our first date.
I think about the nights we hung out watching foreign films & starwars.
& I still remember how it felt everytime I went to Greek events just hoping to see him. Or taking longer walks to my car just to catch a glimpse of him outside of the business school. (Okay, maybe that was creepy.)

Skywalker never missed an opportunity to tell me how beautiful he thought I was, to make me laugh, or even just text me good morning. & to this day, the most arbitrary things remind me of him.
For me, Skywalker will always be blue eyes, grape swisher sweets, bow ties, chivalry, & techno.
& he'll always be timeless.

Sometimes, it baffles me that Skywalker & I didn't work out.
I guess that's the thing about timing: it's pretty much everything.
But oh, what a beautiful time we had. :)

Climbing into my car, I felt my phone go off in my pocket.
It was a text from Skywalker, "I'm really glad I was the one to walk you your last day on campus."
That was Skywalker...classic.

*of course, Skywalker is NOT his real name. I can't just be putting anybody's business on my blog.


  1. If you ever write a book, I'll buy it immediately! I love how you write and you have a great talent for it!

  2. This is beautiful. I agree with World Destructor, I will definitely buy your book.

  3. Aww, you guys are my favorites. :)
    Thanks a lot guys!
    That means a lot because I think you both are SO talented & always look forward to your posts.