Thursday, December 30, 2010

I don't have time to blog, it's almost a new year

That statement made in the title is totally FALSE; if anything, I should be blogging MORE because I have nothing better to do. To keep myself occupied, I have even taken up trying to train Shakespeare to walk without a leash. <--That experiment failed miserably today when Shakespeare took off running and stopped behind a truck in reverse. I could see the fear in his face all the tire almost rolled over him & he just sat there looking terrified. I started shouting & waiving my arms & right before Shakespeare was almost run over, I let out the screamiest scream in my life. It was such a horrific sound that a little girl who was just out riding her tricycle actually started crying.
Fortunately, though, my scream did alert the truck driver who stopped long enough for me to grab my dog from behind his back tire.

Shakespeare goes back on the leash TODAY.

But anyway, now that heart rate is almost normal, I decided to go to my happy place by writing a post about things I love.
& to make it relevant in the larger scope, I decided it would be 10 things I started loving too late in 2010 that I'm going to continue loving into 2011. Or something.

1.) Banksy
I recently saw Exit through the Gift Shop & have so much respect for the guerilla artist, his bravery, and his work. Ever since I saw the movie, I've been bringing Banksy up pretty much non-stop.

2.) Sweatpants
My dad bought me my first pair, ever, on Christmas because he was tired of me wearing shorts out in the cold to walk Shakespeare. At first, I was totally against the idea but then I put on them on to humor him & they are the most comfortable thing I've worn. in life. I've worn them everyday since. Please don't judge me.

3.) Shakespeare--I've decided just now that I still love him.

4.) Frozen Yogurt
I used to kind of make fun of people who were really into eating froyo because it just seemed conscious & kind of stupid. But then this place down the block from me is a froyo place and you can put cereal in your yogurt. & then I was like, "Man, this is fucking cool."

5.) Baby Blue
I did not just dislike baby blue; I hated it. That color just reminded me of trailer parks and tacky hip hop clothing from the early 2000s. & now it's one of my favorite decorate with. I'm pretty sure wearing baby blue will never be my thing.

6.) Thrifting
I bought that American made tea set & that old jam jar that I now use as a vase for $4. total. San Antonio is one of the coolest places to thrift in & I even bought a vintage Ralph Lauren bag--the coolest bag, ever--for $18. It's like my favorite thing to do when I've got spare time now, even if I don't buy anything, something about walking around all those pretty relics from the past just gives me a sense of peace. Please try not to judge me.

7.) Cider with Grenadine
I'm not much of a beer drinker; which is unfortunate because the bar across the street from my place--the famed Flying Saucer, only serves beer, wine, and cider. But then I went & chose this drink called Humingbird Water & fell in love. It's cheap & tasty & I think I'm going to make it my thing.

8.) Thick Eyebrows
My eyebrows were pencil thin for the longest & then I decided I'd had enough and let them grow out. I didn't even pluck the stray hairs because for about a month, I wasn't sure exactly how thick I wanted them. It got so bad, my dad came over one afternoon & said, "Baby, are you out of money? Why don't I take you to a nice salon tomorrow? You can get a massage if you want...maybe get your eyebrows done..." & I explained to him that I did  know my eyebrows were a hot mess & that I wasn't out of money but just letting them grow out. I even had to make a public service announcement on facebook so my friends would stop offering to do them for me.

9.) Raymin, my brother;
That was us at an ugly sweater Christmas party--didn't we do such a good job? haha.
Let's get something straight; I've ALWAYS loved my big brother just not as much. There's a seven year age difference between us & we didn't really know each other well until we moved in together this year. We've gotten to know each other so much better & it's really nice. Because I'm always sitting on hard surfaces while I study--and I spend a lot of time studying--my ass perpetually hurts. Trust me, that's the only reason; I'm a front door only kind of girl. But I digress, so for Christmas, my brother got me a Moroccan pillow seat so that even when I have to sit on the floor, my butt won't hurt. He also got me some other really cool stuff & I was like, "Not only is he thoughtful, he knows me so well."

10.) fast food apple pies
Umm, yeah. I really had never had one until Mr. Flintstone went and picked up tacobell for us & brought me back an apple empanada-->those things are scrumptious. But anyway, the point is I love them.

Wow, this list totally wrote itself!
Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing new year's eve & that 2011 is an even better year for you guys. Before I go, I'm forgetting one more thing:

11.) YOU
Thank you for reading & supporting & laughing & sharing your stories with me, as well. You guys are everything I dreamt of & then some. :) & I love you, dammit.
 like a lot.

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  1. OMG I'm so happy that Shakespeare didn't get killed! I generally don't trust my dogs enough to let them go off leash...they'd end up in Texas by now, chillin with Shakespeare!
    Happy New Year!