Saturday, December 25, 2010

It Ain't Perfect But...

it IS the holidays.

In my family, it's not the holidays unless someone is sobbing and pointing their finger while shouting, "you're such an ungrateful child/husband/cat."
-->usually, that someone is my mom.
& then the rest of us usually sit with blank expressions on the opposite side of the room and silently wonder how it came to this when the last thing anyone said was, "wow, these are great yams."

It's an understatement when I say my mom doesn't handle the holidays very well.
Like at all.
She's got a really fragile nervous system.

But today, being with my dad & brother (& even a little time with mr. flintstone), I realized that even without the big to-do, the big feast, & without all the Christmas decorations, Christmas was just as wonderful.

I felt reassured after watching people on tv talk about their disfunctional families & listening to people I know tell their stories. It made me feel like resentment & animosity are just another ingredient in the magical recipe that is the family get together.

& as today wore on & my dad left for bed, my brother and I sat and talked and I realized how fortunate I am to be his sister & how cool it is that we've gotten to know each other so much better in the last few months than we have our whole lives.

It ain't perfect but it is the holidays.

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