Thursday, January 6, 2011

6 days in

So...I haven't been home since a few days before 2011 began & I've got this thing about blogging from computers that aren't mine. I don't like to do it.
It literally makes me anxious like if you had to stay over at friend's house unexpectedly and didn't have any clean underwear and your friend is like, "Oh, you can borrow some of mine."
& you're like, "No, that's weird."
& She's like, "But I just bought a Hanes four pack. Look, you can even pick your favorite color."
& you still feel uncomfortable but then you agree to think about it & while taking a shower at her place, you see a bottle of vagisil feminine wash just casually laying around in there.
& even though they're new, now you're wondering if they've had time to mingle with your friend's other panties. So you're thinking maybe you'll just buy some new underwear, or just keep on the ones you've been wearing, or freeball...
What I'm saying is I don't like it. & I guess I could have skipped the anecdote but it just wouldn't have been the same.

So anyway, that is the reason why six days into the new year, I haven't yet posted.
Unless you count this one.
But I'm not counting this one; this is just a post about posting so it's not even like a real post.
Moving on.

Even though I haven't posted, I have been thinking about what I would post if I could.
So for this post, I'm going to give you guys a list of first sentences to posts I've thought about writing/might still write.
It's a little for you guys so that no one thinks I've forgotten about all those dreams I used to have about writing but mostly for ME so I don't lose these ideas between now & whenever it is I go home.

a.) If 2010 had been a person, I'm not sure I'd go the funeral. Like, the morning of,  I'd be sitting in my room staring at my black dress thinking, "But I didn't even really know him. I just saw him around in the halls and sometimes we said hi... there was that time he lent me a pencil, though..."

b.) "See, that's why you need a book bag with wheels. So your back doesn't hurt. I think I'll pick one up for you on my way home."
"Oh God, mom, that's unnecessary," and by that I really meant, "If anyone ever sees me dragging around a bookbag with wheels, please let that person shoot me in the face."

c.) (possibly not a post to commemorate the new year but a post concept I'm heavily considering:  "Blame it on the dog" or "The fart talk" --the inevitable and uncomfortable conversation all lovers must someday have.)

d.) At 10:45 pm on December 31, 2010, I seriously feared that I would spend the remaining hours of the year watching Mr. Flintstone and his friends play COD Zombies while leaning up against the living room wall drinking raspberry ciroc wondering how it had all come to this...

e.) New Year's Eves Pasts; a look back at new year's eves gone by; or maybe just 2009 & 2010 since nothing particularly interesting happened before then...

& that's all I got. Try to mask your feelings of unimpress-ed-ness...?
Hope you guys had a great new year & next time I'll actually have a REAL post. :)


  1. Haha I appreciated that awkward opening to this post. And I would love to hear about your NYE. How many times COD has stolen away my boyfriend, I can't even tell you.

  2. I hate COD >_> It's like sometimes I dunno why my boyfriend invites me over to his place just to watch him yell at people while he plays it :/

  3. Excellent blog!!! Salut!!

    Happy MMXI

    Frank, Barcelona