Saturday, January 15, 2011

Almost Irrelevant

this post is.
(unintentional Yoda speach pattern. But now I'm keeping it because like it I do).
It's almost irrelevant because I'm finsta write about new year's eve & it's already 15 days into the new year.

My New Year's Eve was primarily about zombies.

I spent New Year's Eve with my long time, off again/on again lover, Mr. Flintstone.
We resolved this year to do something great since we spent last year in bed.

-->Which wouldn't have been so bad except we were SLEEPING.
just sleeping.

New Year's 2010 we got dressed, met up with some of Mr. Flintstone's friends, ate some sandwiches, and then at 9pm I looked over & noticed Mr. Flintstone asleep on his friend's couch.
So I took him home.
Climbing into bed, he asked me to set an alarm for midnight.
I accidently set the alarm for 12pm & so the new year came & went without event.

Anyway, so Mr. Flintstone & I decided to go do other stuff this year.
Something I should probably mention is that Mr. Flintstone has been pretty obsessed with playing Call of Duty in zombie mode; like for hours on end a day.
So when he came home from work & he wanted to go to the liquor store, I almost scratched my eyes out when he enthusiastically picked up a bottle of a pre-mixed Bacardi drink named "zombie."

"This is exactly what we need!"
"Is it?" I asked.
"Yeah, it's really going to go with the theme."
"...of what?"
"Oh yeah, Flip's coming over before we head out."

& I knew instantly that meant more CoD.
This was 5. At 6, Flip got there.
By 11, I was sipping raspberry ciroc up against the living room wall, desperately praying to God,
"please, please, PLEASE, please. Heavenly Father, please let Mr. Flintstone realize he can play video games all day tomorrow. I'm begging you."

The Heavens answered my prayers (that or the fact that Flip had to leave & Mr. Flintstone knows I SUCK at video games so definitely would not ask me to play) & we really did go out. THANK GOD.
Of course, my love had already been drinking his zombie mixed drink while he killed zombies online for about 7 hours.
 I noticed on the way home that he wasn't looking so good...

of course he didn't turn into a zombie but he DID spend the rest of the night violently hurling in the bathroom.

Maybe New Year's 2012 will be our year...


  1. Damn how unfortunate. I don't understand how COD can be so enthralling when there are tons of other things to do in the REAL WORLD.

    I swear, Mr. Flintstone would pick playing video games to almost anything except for playing sports in real life. But for sure over going out. He is SUCH a guy.