Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not that Kind of Girl

[Haha, I found this unfinished post today marked as a draft. I completely forgot I'd even started it & frankly, I have no idea where I meant for this post to end up. I still couldn't help but laugh when I came across it & so I've decided to publish it. Nothing much has changed since I started this post... Enjoy?]

I feel that it will help prove the point I intend to make in this post if I start out by telling you that right now, I'm sitting in my bed--the entire right side of which is covered in books and papers and cue cards from studying for finals--wearing underwear and an old tee shirt, eating frosted mini-wheats straight from the bag.

What I'm trying to say is marriage totally freaks me out.

And also, even though the grocery store is right around the corner, I'm too lazy to get up and put on pants to go buy milk.

And totally freak me out. --> Did you ever see The Shining?

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