Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Obsess Much

A couple of weeks ago, I saw the film, Exit Through the Gift Shop & I was hooked on Banksy.

Then, (while using the guest bathroom at my mom's house-->she keeps all her old issues of Time magazine in there) I stumbled across a small blurb
in Time about the uproar caused by the opening credits The Simpsons' Executives allowed Banksy to design. & I immediately youtubed it & fell deeper in love.

& then yesterday, at a trip to Urban Outfitter, I found a collection of Banksy's works, Wall & Piece, at the book center. & I'm STILL not tired of talking about him.

Every day, on my way home from school, I pass a dumpster.
This dumpster has graffiti writing all over it, but one phrase amongst the scribble-scrabble clutter always catches my attention: Art is not a crime.

Although, I fight with myself sometimes about this: does scribbling your "hood" name on something qualify as art? But I have a lot of respect for actual guerilla artists who go out there and put their messages and beautiful work up onto the walls for everyone to see, for free, in the hopes that it'll make our world better.

There is just so much to love about Banksy; his wit, humor, courage, values, talent,
& also, this poem:

Beyond watching eyes
With sweet and tender kisses
Our souls reached out to each other
In breathless wonder

And when I awoke
From a vast and smiling peace
I found you bathed in morning light
Quietly Studying
All the messages on my phone.

I heavily considered posting an amazon link to purchase the collection for any readers who may be interested, but then I remembered how Banksy disagrees with capitalism & thought it he'd disapprove. So I won't. But it's worth looking into or at the very least, googling.
Or, you can visit his website Here.

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