Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bitter February

I have fully come to resent February.

I feel like everytime I turn on the computer, EHarmony is trying to remind me that I'm single & that if I'm cheap, I can just register with

Is this all February means any more?

There's more to February than Valentines' Day.

In my opinion, Valentines' Day is just a depressing lunar eclipse over the sun that is Black History Month.

If February were a person, it would totally be that girl that doesn't know how to be on her own.
You know, that one girl.
That girl that posts on your facebook wall just to find ways of directing the conversation to her boyfriend.
& You're always kind of like, "Did you used to have a personality before this boyfriend? Or was that personality just the stuff you were pretending to like while you dated the guy before this one?"
Yeah, that girl.
It's okay to like stuff that your boyfriend doesn't like/didn't introduce you to.
& also, I really don't care about your boyfriend...

What I'm saying is I'm at home studying because I can't goof off anymore at school and
February sucks.

& also, Valentine's Day is stupid.

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