Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life without Spectacles.

I've heard many compare falling in love to taking drugs.
Since my own experience with drugs and getting high is sparse and mostly inaccurate, I think a more proper description in my case would be wandering the planet without my glasses (or contacts, I guess).

For a long time, I was in denial that I even needed glasses.
But when I got them for the first time, I marvelled. I couldn't ever remember being able to see distinct feathers on a bird, or individual leaves on trees.
I didn't know how much shadows actually do resemble that which they shadow (because prior to glasses, all shadows just looked like dark blobs to me, moving with their host and the sun).

But falling in love is like walking through life without glasses.

For those of you with 20/20, it's more like trying on a pair of prescription lenses just to see how things look.
Wow, metaphors can be so subjective.

When you fall in love, everything blurs. It's harder to see the total object without squinting, and who would want to squint?
But after that initial fall, everything starts to clear up, become more defined.
You can see blades of grass and clover instead of pools of green.
You see the spectrum of colors in a single crow's feather.
You can see the bark on trees, peeling back, growing moss.

& you can see your object; their scars, their dimples, split ends.

Staying in love is seeing all of it, & it doesn't matter.

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