Sunday, February 20, 2011

Struggle days

A personal theory of mine is if there's no one worth impressing around, there's no need to waste clean clothes or make up.

So naturally, when my older brother told me a bunch of his friends were coming over, I shrugged and did the polite thing by putting on pants.
Because, you know, before that moment, I was just wearing my designated sleeping/not leaving the apartment shirt and underwear.

I'd also just washed my super curly hair and was waiting for it to dry so I could straighten it.
This is the part where I sometimes curse the day I was born with a head full of curly hair.

I just recently cut bangs.
On a good day, I look like:
But, on a day when I've just washed my hair and it has NO curl taming product in it, whatsoever, I look a lot like:
That is an actual picture of me as an infant. Hair wise, not much has really changed.

On days when I'm forreal not trying to impress anyone, I also wear my super thick black lens prescription glasses. They're so big, when I look at maps I can see tiny people waving back at me. (Okay, I promise that's funny, you just have to think about it.)

So anyway, my brother's friends came over & while it was just the guys, it wasn't a big deal.
The boys laughed at my frizzy, unruly hair and my brother pet me before saying, "Aww, you look just like when we were little. Mom was always trying to give me an Elvis part."

But then, before I knew it, our apartment was full of girls.
Attractive 20 year old girls.

Lately, my 30 year old brother's been dating a girl about my age. They were set up by my brother's best friend who is ALSO dating a girl my age who's best friends with my brother's new girlfriend.
New girlfriend is used to seeing me on my struggle days--she's not MY girlfriend & therefore not worthy of make up or clothes. Sometimes when she comes over, I'm naked in my room.
But then the other girlfriend came over & she was like, "Hey gorgeous!" <--And YES, she was being sarcastic.
All I could do was say, "haha, you're so witty. I'm going back to my room."

But before I could retreat, this really cute girl visiting from out of town stood next me and asked her fiance if we looked alike. "Babe, we look alike, right? When she was 17, she used my ID to sneak into a bar!" This is a true story--the night my brother graduated from undergrad, she lent me her driver's license so I could go out and celebrate with my brother and be the DD. Her fiance kind of just stood there, not sure what to say. Before he could laugh, I murmured, "Today's not really...the best day for these types of comparisons. I don't usually look like this."

At that point, sufficiently embarrassed, I went to my room.

What I'm trying to say is a house full of people & struggle days don't mix.
So don't be like me.
Because a little bit of curl product, a different shirt, and some eyeliner really would have went far.



  1. I go exactly through the same thing with my hair. I'm having a struggle day today actually. My recently cut bangs that looked cute when they were at an okay length but now look really stupid as they grow out looked horrendous, were too long when I straightened them, and now it looks like a I have a feral cat sitting on my head. Luckily, no one I care about impressing is in my class.

  2. ugh; I'm really worried about that awkward phase when mine start to grow out, too! especially because even though it's been a nice change, I'm pretty sure I'm ready to not have bangs anymore.