Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just not comfortable

So, I won't name names because I don't want to defame anyone or post something that is a clear mis-interpretation.
But, I just read one of my favorite fashion blogger's separate mom blog.
Like, you know, her blog about being a new mom.

& I'm totally not judging.
But like, she posted... oh, gosh, I can't even talk about it.

...she posted about how her mom almost cooked her placenta thinking it was beef.


So I guess she gave birth at home and had the option of keeping her placenta...which she did.
She put it in the freezer so that she could bury it later and plant a tree on top of it to commemorate the birth of her first child.

I'm just not comfortable...

Babies, in general, kind of freak me out with their lack of communication skills and vulnerability.

Birthing DEFINITELY freaks me out.
Whenever I think of anyone giving birth, for some reason I always think of that scene from Alien; the one where the alien bursts through the guy's stomach.

And then in Space Balls, the alien starts singing show tunes...
But I digress.

Maybe the part that freaks me out the most is I can think of a MILLION other things I'd say when the doctor asks me what to do with my placenta:
"burn it"
"eww, I don't know. Just get rid of it."
"Sell it on e-bay."

Probably the last thing I'd ever think to say is
"Put it in a bag. I'm taking it home. I'm going to plant a tree. A baby tree."
-->& I know she's not trying to plant a baby tree. I can see how special planting a tree on top of your placenta is to memorialize the day you pushed another life out of your pelvis...
But I don't know. I'm in San Antonio now so I feel like the likelihood that it would stay planted is slim by comparison to the likelihood of a coyote digging it up and carrying it off into the night...

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