Thursday, March 10, 2011


So, this Friday my first ever law school brief is due; it counts for my ENTIRE grade in legal research and writing.
Needless to say, a lot of things have gone neglected since I undertook writing it; my dog, my personal hygiene (just joking), my other homework...

But, I feel very proud to announce that it is FINALLY finished.
Well, sort of--I meet with my professor tomorrow to go over last minute details and make corrections but that's it!

Worth noting: I was serious about neglecting stuff since I started this brief--like, Shakespeare had to go to my moms because I felt bad for him. I mean, look at this face:

He was super bored with my studying...

...and apparently, not having it.

In the time that I've began studying and prepping for this paper, I also noticed that my new orchid, Coco, wasn't doing so well... like, I'm pretty sure she's on the brink of death.

Note how Coco is shrinking and withering in the corner...
Lola, on the other hand has been flourishing; she put out her first buds just a couple of weeks ago & now is in full bloom.
 I'm pretty sure the drastic difference between these two plans has everything to do with the fact that Lola has aquaglobes. All this time, I thought I was super amazing at keeping things alive because Lola is the first plant I've ever had to survive beyond 3 months. I bought her special orchid soil, special orchid food, replant her...but no, the orchid soil, food, and new pot have done NOTHING for Coco.
I went combing the city for aquaglobes last weekend; turns out they're a seasonal item & won't be on shelves again till mid-April. I'm just hoping I can manage to NOT kill Coco in that time.
& on a separate note, I don't know why I named my orchids...I think I heard somewhere plant growth is stimulated by affection so like I thought...nevermind. It's not important. I think though, that there is a possibility that I'll end up being an old orchid lady--as opposed to cat lady. No joke, I met with a PeaceCorps Recruiter last week & he was telling me all about his life changing experience with the youth of the Phillipines and asks if I have any questions & I'm like, "Can I take my orchid plant wherever I'm assigned?" He thought I was joking... I pretended I was...
I'm also not sure why I gave them both call girl names.-->Once again, I direct you to the fact that there is something subconsciously wrong with my brain.

Some photos from the delirium that was me studying for this brief:

Up late night, amused by anything that will distract me from my brief... it's a Brontosaurus.

Shakespeare; tired, unhappy, doesn't think I'm clever.

I convinced myself that this made sense as a way of organizing my
thoughts before beginning the writing for brief.

And finallly, I'll end this update with this:
I'm looking forward to spring break-->I'll get to spend some much needed time at the beach with my hot tamale bff, Darlene. Which is the best part; since I've started spring classes & she's back in school as well, it's been hard to see each other. Me+champagne+beach+pink lipgloss+Darlene=blowing my mind because I'm so excited for it.
ANNND, I'm excited to see Mr. Flintstone's gorgeous face on Wednesday, which as you likely guessed, means that we are once again, back ON/happy/in love/etcetera.


  1. Aww Shakespeare looks sooo sad =[ I'm happy that break is near too. I hope you get a kickass grade on your brief!

  2. Yay on the brief, love/happiness/ect. :)
    I also found it funny that you name your flowers idk why

    Plus, random useless fact: it's no longer called a Brontosaurus. It's Apatosaurus. I read a lot of dinosaur books. You don't care. kbye