Thursday, March 17, 2011

They still have to fight off Godzilla

For a limited amount of time, the red cross is DOUBLING any amount donated on behalf of Japan.

You should do it: CLICK HERE!

I came across this great deal through my living social account & this is the FIRST coupon I'm purchasing from them.

So readers, I implore you.
I, myself, just feel super blessed to be safe in my boyfriend's bed, studying and cuddling.
I just came back from an amazing four day trip to the beach and am just enjoying the remaining days of spring break. In times like this, when I'm so happy and relaxed, it's easy to forget (if not hard to remember) that people everywhere are down on their luck.
But that's exactly why we SHOULD donate; because we are so fortunate and healthy and alive.
Because you won't miss $5 as much as they'll appreciate it.

& if you're still skeptical, do it because you love sushi, or robots, or the power rangers...
or because the sooner Japan is back on its feet, the sooner they can resume saving us all from Godzilla.

Pick a reason, any reason & do something great today.

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