Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am always down for random "adventures."
Adventures is in quotations because I'm no Indiana Jones but I mean adventures in the sense that I will miss class on an idle Thursday to go to a tomato festival in Marfa. <--Which has NEVER happened before, but I SO would.

So today, although I've got a final in approximately 22 hours, my heart stopped when I found out through a friend's facebook post that my very first crush, ever in life was going to be in San Antonio at noon.
I'll give you a hint: he's an older, distinguished gentleman. Full head of blonde hair, blue eyes, still in great shape.
Yes, you guessed it. That man up there was my very FIRST crush at the tender age of 7.

I immediately texted the only person in the world that I knew would care, my big brother whose obsession with wrestling in our childhood was the catalyst behind my Hulk infatuation.
Me: "Hulk Hogan is in town today."
Ray: "What? Where?"
Me: "At the plaza across from the justice center at noon."
Ray: "Crap. I'm stuck at work. I would have taken my WWE All-Stars game to get signed."

It was already 11:15 but I was determined.
I walked into my brother's room where his girlfriend was getting dressed, "Hurry up, skank. We're going to meet Hulk Hogan, grab Ray's AllStar game!" & then got ready myself.
It was pretty hectic but we made it in time.

Once downtown, there were a bunch of people wearing Churches Chicken shirts and mariachi bands was weird.
Me: "...Are we in the right place?"
Sam: "I'll check. (gets online on phone) It says he's going to be here to conduct 'the world's largest chicken dance' for this promotion."
Me: "WHAT?!? So he's not even meeting people?"
Sam: "Doesn't look like it. You wanna just go home?"
Me: "I refuse! I came here to get Hulk Hogan's autograph & dammit, I will."

So we waited. It was awhile before Hulk even got on stage and I took note of the direction he came from so I could get his signature.
I'm not going to lie: it almost didn't happen. Hulk moved through the crowd being polite but didn't stop to give any autographs. I wanted to die.
But then, out of no where, he stops and starts signing stuff that people are holding up. I was right behind him and reached all the way over and GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH.
I felt like I'd just won...a race? I don't think it was lottery ticket status but I walked away feeling like a champ and knowing that my impromptu trip downtown was not all for naught.
& the best part is, I got the autograph on my brother's game so he's got a little piece of my proud moment to keep. :)

& thank God because it was hotter than the devil's testicles out there and I would have been a little down trodden if I had stopped studying just to go downtown and see Hulk do the chicken dance. pfft.
I literally imagined a scenario where I chased Hulk down the street screaming about how I was giving up valuable study time to stalk meet him. In fact, I think I might have shouted it when it seemed like he wasn't going to give any autographs... I'm SUCH an L7.

After that, since we were already downtown, Sam took me to her job (a fancy-schmancy restaurant) where I had a crunchy peanut butter sandwich with apricot jelly and froie was tasty but the more I thought about the fact that it was duck liver between my pb&j, the less appetizing it became.

& now I'm back home.
Pretending to study but blogging about my "adventure."

I think today was a success.


    You got so lucky with that one. With my luck, I would've missed out on the autograph.

  2. I wanted to cry because I SERIOUSLY thought I wasn't going to get it but lucky for me, I'm an amazing Hulk Hogan stalker. haha