Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Not Dead

Hey Readers, I just wanted to pop in to tell you that my absence from blogging is NOT because I'm dead but because I'm buried underneath piles of text books and crazy scribble scrabbles mascerading as notes.

That's right, loves, it's final exam season at law school.
Or...My law school at least. I heard UT Law & UH Law aren't even going to begin testing until next week.

Anyway, I've been bugging out from energy drinks and so even when I've wanted to sleep, I couldn't.
This means I've had A LOT of time to think recently while lying in bed with my eyes closed trying to shut my brain off...or whatever. That would kill me but you know...all I want is sleep, dammit.

Last week, I tried to induce myself into sugar shock and fear so I'd stay awake and be productive. I have since learned that while I was awake, I was also paranoid from all the scary movies...and energy drinks... this was not conducive to productivity.

I haven't even had time to flat iron my hair so I've been test taking with my afro all week. Yesterday, one of my classmates was all, "Laurel, your hair is huge."
& I was like, "Yes, I'm hiding the test answers in it."
Which is another thing: Fab4 convinced me that it'd be funny to convince my classmates that my name is Laurel & I've just been letting everyone mis-pronounce my name. I actually like Laurel better. & YES, Law school IS that boring that this is actually entertaining.
So far, it's only for certain thrown off my next door neighbor. He facebooked me and was all, "Laurel? Why didn't you tell me I was saying your name wrong?" & I was like, "pssh. Don't worry about it. It basically happens ALL the time."

I also came to the conclusion that I'm going to try to curse and talk about genitalia less (ON THE BLOG).
Which is going to be hard for me because they're SUCH big parts of my life (hahaha, pun NOT intended but it was good) but you know, I guess this is a part of growing up.

Okay, and ONE OF YOU, has been clicking my ads: thanks! I'm up to $7.35 & frankly it's been A LONG TIME COMING. Although, I'm relatively certain that the click-er is Gaga. So thanks, you prostitute wench (does that violate the sentence preceding this one? Eh.)

I'm a disaster and being confronted by the fact as I type that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to talk about.
BUT: I have been sending weird picture texts to my friends lately (for fun & to confuse them) so here's a few recent ones:

& that, ladies and gentleman, is all I got.

good night.


  1. lmao, love the pun.
    And that llama pictures is def the best.

  2. haha, thanks!!!
    I think I'm partial to "Hello...Is it Tea you're looking for?" :)