Thursday, April 14, 2011

My big brother

Once, when I was three,  I choked on a life saver.
My ten year old brother casually came in the room, gave me the heimlich manuever, and went back to watching tv.
It was very cavalier.

I'd like to think that that was the moment when my big brother became my personal hero.
But honestly, it would be impossible for me to pin point exactly when my brother became the person I look up to most; I can't remember a time when my brother wasn't the coolest person on the planet in my eyes.

thanks for always being yourself--you're the reason I knew it was okay to be me; even if it meant always being eccentric.
thanks for saving my life. Not just that time, but I know now at 23 just how much time of your childhood and teen years were spent taking care of me. Even though I've never properly thanked you, I appreciate all the sacrifices you made.
thank you for being my role model--even if you never meant to be or never knew it, you have always been the person I aspire to be the most like:
                   You are intelligent--it comes out in your writing, wit, and perserverance. & on that note:
                   You are strong--you kept working towards your degree, even though you were combatting undiagnosed ADD & you succeeded.
                    You have a HUGE heart. Even though you keep that part of your personality to yourself, it peeks out every once in a while & more than that, you've made a difference to a lot of children all over Texas.

Finally, I just want to say, happy birthday & even though it was never up to you, thanks for being my big brother.


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  1. This was so sweet. Tell him Happy Birthday for me...even if it might be a bit weird to have some random blogger tell him "Happy Birthday".