Saturday, April 16, 2011

Or wear an ear condomn next time

So, I was feebly attempting to study Friday night when unwarranted, unexpected, and quite confusingly, I recieved the following text from Gaga:
Or wear an ear condomn next time.
Me: ... what?
Gaga: Omg, you should be ashamed!
          Shame Shame on you! *
          Bad hag, Bad!
Me: ...What's going on here?
Gaga: You prostitute wench
Me: Lol. I don't understand.
Gaga: Oh. My. God. You little fame hooker. I can't believe you!
Me: Did you just send me those on accident?
Gaga: Hahahahaahaa
         Omg, Laurel, we are having a big issue right now.
Me: ...why?
Gaga: Those were lyrics from Judas.

(* breaks in line indicate separate texts.)

It should be noted that Gaga is so nick named because he is OBSESSED with Lady Gaga. Clever, right?
& earlier this day, he texted me: Omg, lady gaga's single "Judas" is out. I'm DYING. You need to listen to it, learn it, and LIVE it.

I apologized to Gaga for not keeping my promise to follow the above advice, laughed, and went back to my meager attempts to commit torts to memory. But then, 3 minutes later...

Fatty (via text): Or wear an ear condomn next time.
Me: Lol. Did Gaga just tell you?
Fatty: Tell me what???
To which I explained that Gaga (our man friend Gaga, not the Gaga known as Lady) had just sent me the EXACT SAME MESSAGE.
& then she said, Gaga & I are soul mates, obvi. (Again, man Gaga, not Lady Gaga).

Not wanting to leave Krusts out of the confusion, I text her:

Me: Or wear an ear condomn next time.
Krusts: ...What?
Me: Apparently, it's the new Lady Gaga single. Gaga & Fatty just sent me that lyric & I didn't want you to be left out. Don't worry, I reacted the EXACT SAME WAY AS YOU.
Krusts: Yeah, Gaga just sent me the same text & I was all wtf?

Golly-whiz, do I love the Fab4.


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