Thursday, April 7, 2011

Write It on Your Heart

this Saturday is the two year anniversary of Mr. Flintstone & I's first date.
He's coming to San Antonio; I'm taking him to eat oysters and various birthday celebrations. I might even break out my free movie passes. I know, I'm high class.
Don't tell him.

In anticipation of our special day, I made him a card last night.



I mean, I also filled in the card with sweet stuff about us & what not but I feel like that is too private for the blog... maybe on a different post.
The point is, Mr. Flintstone is going to get this card & be sufficiently weirded out by my sense of humor. He'll probably call me a hipster.
You know, every day relationship stuff.


  1. That's so cute =]Congrats!

  2. @Lexa: Thanks! We had a blast...totally forgot to give him his card, though. haha

    & also, had to remove the comment after because the site it's attached to has some sort of phishing software & didn't want other readers to open it. :/