Monday, May 16, 2011

Crack is Wack

Ladies & gentleman, it is time for yet another installment of Things my Facebook Friends Say.

A little back ground on this status update,
The young lady who wrote it is from Killeen.

Right off the bat, you might not think that tells you much, but it's probably a key factor to understanding this post.

In summary, Killeen is a suburb of military base, Fort Hood, with a primarily Black American and Immigrant population. White Americans are the minority by far and although nearly everyone is making good money off of the military, if you met the Killeen locals, you're likely to think you've somehow stepped into a magical world where everyone lives in a movie. The movie choices, however, are limited to such favorites as Friday, Lottery Ticket, and Barbershop. ...Really anything Ice Cube ever produced or acted in. Or at least that's how they imagine themselves. The reality of Killeen is a little bit closer to Malibu's Most Wanted.


& it's entirely on purpose. The large majority of Killeen residents look up to these films and try to emulate them in their everyday lives.

The other magical thing about Killeen: it's frozen in time. No one seems to realize that it's not 2005 any more.

So, what I'm saying is that EVERYONE has a grill,
everyone still wears matchy-matchy hip hop ensembles and track suits,
& everyone dreams of being a drug dealer, rapper, or video girl.

(The only way to get out of this stupor is to LEAVE Killeen. For like a long time. Seriously: I left when I was 18 & was 22 before I finally washed all the Killeen off.)

& now that you're in the right mind set, I give you Shiela's status:

Comparing another bitch to me is like comparing crack to dirt weed! #go getta

Whitney Houston once proclaimed that, "Crack is wack."
Based on Shiela's status, I guess reggie is wacker.

If you're the gentleman in this love triangle, it seems to me you're stuck between a rock & a hard place: if you stop taking the crack, you'll break out in cold sweats and imagine that your body is covered in ants, stop doing the reggie, & now you've actually got to come up with money to buy drugs and come up with a better excuse for why you always smell so damn weird.

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