Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let Me Turn On the Serious

I spend the vast majority of time on this blog talking about the obscene, the embarrassing, & genitals.

This post will cover ground on all three but for once, maybe, be a little more serious.

I NEVER get up on a soap box; why? Because it's uncomfortable, because I personally find it futile, because sometimes I'm not sure that I'm the right person to tell anyone anything about anything.  There are VERY few things I know for certain & unless you're asking me about how to make a pb&j on whole grain bread (which, I heard I'm doing wrong from a very fancy restaurant that uses foie gras for a little added panache) I really don't find  myself entitled to deliver an opinion.

Today, I engaged in a twitter war with an old friend.

From her side, our alma mater university was wrong for using student tuition to pay a sex counselor to come and speak at a GLBT seminar about safe sex practices. This counselor used props, she used videos and photos, and Heaven forbid (quite literally as I'm getting to) she talked about anal sex (dun dun dunnn).

From my side, I personally am terrified of anything getting to close to my rectum unless it's on its way out. But, I recognize the reality that many couples, hetero & homo, have anal sex & I think it's important for people to learn about safe sex practices, in general. & yes, for some, it might be important to know how & what to put inside your bottom. & I also feel that inevitably, we all cringe over how our student funds and taxes are allocated.

I'm not saying either of us are right (although, I CLEARLY think I'm right) but somewhere in the midst of our battle of t-wits (battle of wits but on twitter & also any sort of typo there would have been really misfortunate), I realized that the great thing about being an American is the ability for both of us to disagree and for both of us to be able to express ourselves in a public forum.

& I realized that as much as I find the overly-conservative, narrow-minded temperament repugnant, I know that we are entitled to express ourselves (and use government & student funding to do so) by the same rights and protections.

God Bless the Bill of Rights & the First Amendment.

What I know now is that her opinion is beautiful,
Even though I disagree with it from almost every concievable angle,
Because I know that any limits on her speech would limit my own.
& Because I love being able to blog about genitalia and armpit hair.

What's beautiful about it is that in America, we are free to have an opinion and shout it from behind our twitter accounts, facebooks, and blogs.

I also find it worthy of mentioning that somewhere towards the end, she started thumping her Bible at me, & I started waving the Bill of Rights at her... such different perspectives.

But anyway, so yes.
The freedom to express ourselves is powerful & beautiful & in celebration of this glorious right, I have but one thing to say:


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