Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TMFFS: Admiral BarAckbar

These posts are practically writing themselves! That's right, dears, it's time for ANOTHER segment of Things My facebook friends say!!! (Which will now be shortened to fit in the title box as TMFFS so I can post it in the title & can stop announcing that it's a TMFFS post--see? It's already useful!!!)
After Bin Laden's death this month, facebook was on fire with celebratory statuses.
The ones that weirded me out were ones expressing elation that Bin Laden was dead.
(I don't know, celebrating the death of ANY human just seems wrong.)
The ones I agreed with were those celebrating American unity and spirit.
& the ones that upset me and made me log off facebook for a day were the ones that came just shortly after that focused on the negative.
It seemed like the same people who just a few hours earlier were posting things like, "God Bless our Troops" & "I love my country," were some of the people posting, "Oh great, so now the Democrats can stay in office? Republicans Rock!" or "This was Bush's plan all along, Obama shouldn't get the credit!"
Or the very unrelated, "So when are gas prices going to decrease?"

In the midst of all this, one of my facebook friends (who really is a friend in the sense that I read his blog and respect his intellect and went to high school with him) posted this status:

Let's be clear about this: Admiral Ackbar did NOT destroy the Death Star. A Rebel pilot did. Ackbar just happened to be the one who recognized a trap. This is not an Ackbar victory, but a Rebel victory. Don't let him distract you from the fact that he has never produced an official Mon Calamari birth certificate.

Oh Em Gee: Sarcasm, Wit, AND a Star Wars reference all in one status?!? My head almost exploded with joy.

So thank you, sir, for the levity.
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