Monday, May 23, 2011

TMFFS: Pacman

On May 7, in the wake of Manny Pacquiao's boxing win over Sugar Shane (which I just LOVE calling him because it alliterates!) Mosley, one of my friends posted:

Filipinos stand up...Let's go Pacman!

To which, our infamous mutual facebook friend, Pruscilla, responded:

Lol, so filipinos like invented that?

(& then she liked her own question.)

Our friend who posted the status, Mark, never responded.

My thoughts on this are: it's amazing the embarrassing situations that can be avoided if only we learn to google before we speak/post. I'm relatively certain that referring to google prior, at the least, would have proven that PacMan was invented by the Japanese...

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  1. Even worse than that is that she liked her own question.