Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leaving BedRock

Cloaked in the darkness of a pre-historic night, Sheila Onyx packed her things quietly. She slipped out of her hammock and took a last glance at Fred. The moon light played across his strong jaw, heavy brow, and muscular arms. & she knew she'd forever miss looking at him.
A sleeping Dino snoozed by the front of the cave & though Sheila tried not to wake him, his ears perked as she walked by. She knelt down & pat him on the head, as he leaned forward and licked her face.
"Oh, Dino. I wish I could take you with me." Which was kind of a lie, because Dino was a pain in the ass. But she did like him in her own special way. As she stood up, Dino went back to sleep and Sheila left the cave.

Sheila hitched a ride on a wooly mammoth to the pterodactyl port. Waiting to board her flight, Sheila wondered whether she was really making the right decision. Fred had his moments; he never complained about hunting for dinner, he always kept the fire going, he was a master in the hammock. But deep down Sheila knew he was a neanderthal. Besides, she absolutely detested his friends and had a specific dislike for his best pal, Barney Rubble, who was PERPETUALLY hanging around. In all the moons they'd been together, she could only think of a couple of times when Fred ever made her feel loved or appreciated. No, this was for the best, Sheila consoled herself as she boarded the pterodactyl and took her seat.

Waiting for take off, Sheila wondered what the rest of her life were apt to be like without Fred. She knew she would miss him but allowed herself to imagine... maybe someday she'd meet a nice caveman with his shit together. He'd keep a tidy cave, enjoy looking at cave paintings, watching pterodactyls and shooting stars, and most of all, she would be able to make him happy. Sheila drew up pictures in her mind of her dream troglodyte and soon realized it was dawn and the pterodactyl had already taken off. She looked down over the pterodactyl's wing and saw the pinks and oranges of the morning's sky reflecting off of the stone roofs and structures of BedRock.

And then she had an idea; one that made her smile and reassured her that she was making the right decision.
Sheila realized that as much as she dreamed of her own happiness, she wanted Fred's too. Her smile widened as she imagined Fred and Dino snuggling up beside Fred's ideal mate next to the bonfire.

Yes, better things were in store for each of them and it was worth smiling about.


  1. :) thanks, Lexa.
    haha, I'll miss looking at him & writing about him but all good things must come to an end. :)