Monday, June 20, 2011

Studying, A Log

How different would that title be without the comma; it would be as though I was implying that I was actually studying a log.
So, I imagine this happening to you:
& that was probably disappointing. For the record, I'm studying logs in both pictures only in the second picture, I was looking for a picture of a log for this post before I decided to paint a picture for you.

So anyway, what I'm saying is that studying is not going well for me.
& I decided to illustrate this point by making a time log of actual events that took place today while I was trying to study:

9:15 am alarm sounded. I turned it off & had an incredibly believable dream about waking up and studying.
11 am realized I was dreaming when a storm trooper reminded me to call my dad.
11:15 am called my dad, made dinner plans
11:45 am took a shower
12 pm walked Shakespeare
12:20 pm opened my text book
1 pm ensued text banter with Solo and attempted studying
2 pm realized I'd read one page.
2:30 pm decided to move my study attempts to the dining room table.
3 pm my mom called, I told her she could NOT come with me to Marfa
3:15 pm heated up a bar of chocolate; decided to dip marshmallows into it
3:20 pm two marshmallows in, realized this was disgusting.
3:45 pm decided to eat a fruit cup. licked bowl of chocolate clean
4 pm put chicken into oven for dinner with dad.
4:20 pm sat back down to study
4:40 pm found brown stain on hand, licked it under assumption that it was chocolate. It was not.
5 pm decided to write pathetic blog post about how much I hate studying.
5:15 pm painted picture of myself studying logs.
5:45 pm my brother got home, put in his true blood dvds in an effort to convince me to buy hbo for him.

gosh. where has today gone?


  1. Lmfao that's pretty much exactly what happens when I study. In fact, if other people don't study like that, then I don't know what they do.

  2. oh em gee, i feellike it takes me ALL DAY just to read one page.