Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love is Blind

Scene: Gaga & I are leaving our summer session class and walking towards the parking lot. A cute blonde pulls up to the curb and opens the passenger side door to her car, she smiles when a blind law student, Gary, approaches, hugs him, & helps him into the car.

Me: I wonder if that's Gary's girlfriend?
Gaga: He has a girlfriend?
Me: Yeah he told me so once. Is it wrong that part of me wants to stop and stare to see if they kiss? I mean it's not like he can see me staring anyway.
*Older student hears this & walks by me glaring.*
Me: (after her) Happy Wednesday!
Gaga: You're terrible.
*Blonde & Gary kiss after she helps him with his seatbelt*
Me: There it is.
Gaga: Omigosh, stop staring. It's cute that she's not blind.
Me:...I just want you to stop and think about that for a second.
Anyway, did I tell you about the one time that Gary told me he met a girl in Innsbruck? He told me that she was "super hot. Tall, Blonde, with Blue eyes." I wonder what that even really means to him.
Gaga: I'm sure tall, blonde, & blue eyes might not mean much but he can probably tell what "hot" is.
Me: So can four year olds; try sticking their hands on a hot stove--they aren't very keen to it.
Gaga: Even you are not that evil. & I mean hot like attractive. He can feel things with his hands.
Me: Oh please, this isn't a Lionel Richie video.

All three faces in this photo have mullets. Obviously this is kismet.

*Gaga stops walking and awkward pause ensues*
Gaga: HA!
Me: I know, that was good, right?

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  1. hahahaha oh god, I'm like almost on the floor laughing. Damn I wish you would've said you were changing the url sooner!!