Friday, July 22, 2011

School Daze

In Family Law, while talking about jurisdiction, a student asked how she would go about filing for divorce from her wife and for custody of their child in a different state if she is not the child's biological mother. She asked the professor this question and finished with, "I just find this confusing taking into consideration all the changes in the law to same sex marriage." I felt very priveleged to have been alert for this part of the class room discussion (because generally I'm blogging or facebook stalking). Not because I actually learned something, but because it was semi-interesting.
Our professor answered the student's question to the best of her ability, spending maybe 20 minutes on this topic alone. The rest of us pretended that our classmate's airing of her dirty, Lesbian laundry didn't make things awkward. Then our professor moved on. She then spent 15 minutes taking other students' questions. As we moved on to another topic entirely, Gaga beckoned me closer to him. I leaned in.

Gaga: *whispers* I think the lady up front in the green (the woman with the same-sex marriage question) might be a Lesbian.
Me: *sarcastically surprised* No!
Gaga: No really!
Me: haha, that was really funny!
Gaga: ...what?
Me: wait, were you being serious?
Gaga: yeah...?
Me: ...

I feel good knowing that I'm not the only one not paying attention 100% of the time in this course.

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