Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TMFFS: Dancing on the Ceiling

This post is a follow up to Love is Blind, only I've been holding onto it till today because it's Gaga's birthday & I wanted to have something to write about him.

Scene: Still in school parking lot, conversation picking up from reference to Lionel Richie video where blind herione sculpts Richie's face in clay.

Me: ...what video was that anyway?
Gaga: Dancing on the ceiling.
Me: No, I think it was that one song: " it me you're looking for?..."
Gaga: No.
Me: "I can see it your eyes..."
Gaga: No,
Me:"I can see it in your smile..."
Gaga: It was dancing on the ceiling.
Me: "& I long to tell you so much: I love you."
Gaga: Seriously. It was dancing on the ceiling. I'm pretty sure because Lionel Richie dances on the ceiling.
Me: If you stop to think about this, that doesn't make sense. Dancing on the ceiling would be particularly dangerous for a blind person.
Gaga: They dance on the ceiling. That's why the song is called that.
Me:  I can't see how a blind girl sculpting Lionel Richie's face would some how lead to them dancing on the ceiling. Unless Lionel Richie just dances on the ceiling in all of his videos... wait, does he?
Gaga: No, he only dances on the ceiling in Dancing on the Ceiling.
Me: ...are you sure?

...later on, on facebook...


See I told you they dance on the ceiling!

Me:  I believed you that he danced on the ceiling. I didn't believe you that it was the same video with the blind girl sculpting his face (Which readers, it was not). & on a side note, man it looks like they had a blast. Fall Semester: House Party, Lionel Richie style. k?

Gaga: for sure, but only if we get to do face sculptings.

Me:  I was hoping you'd say that.

Gaga:  lol, you see we have SO much in common.


Gaga is a sneaky little skeez. He didn't tell anyone that his birthday was coming up & I just happened to see it by off chance on facebook. last night...He might be a Jehovah's Witness but I'm like 80% sure he isn't since he celebrates Christmas & Valentine;s day for sure.
So anyway, upon realizing today is his birthday, I rushed to the grocery store, bought some pretty chocolate cake & a bottle of cheap white wine, then showed up late to class today to give it to him.

& On my way to school, I sent Gaga a text:

Me: It's raining men! Well, not really but happy birthday! I love you!
Gaga: Aww, you're terrible. I was already going to go play in the rain.

Man, do I love this kid. Happy Birthday, friend. :)


  1. Aw this is cute =]
    BTW, reading your blog always cheers me up. Thanks <3

  2. :) thanks Lexa!
    I feel the same way about your blog! Can't wait till you come back from vacay & start writing again! :)