Friday, July 15, 2011

TMFFS: Something I wish I'd Written

A 23 year old woman I am facebook friends with decided to take a stab a creative writing. The following is her debut story:

"Sincere & then she was so lost & asked Love where to go & Love told her & Love started to walk away then Sincere kissed him & it turns out they went & had sex. Love didn't know, but he got Sincere pregnant & then the baby's name was Sincerely Lover." *

I find that this story has everything. Love, Sincerity, and a random hook up in an undisclosed location that ends with an illegitimate pregnancy. Someone call the people who published, Riding in Cars with Boys!

I also find that I'm tempted to use the same paint picture I use eveytime the subject of bastard children comes up. But I'm going to step outside the box today and NOT use it. Bet you didn't see that coming, huh?

* To re-iterate, TMFFS posts are usually status updates or notes taken from the walls of people I'm facebook friends with. The acronym stands for: Things My Facebook Friends Say. I change the names or choose to leave them out to protect the identities of my facebook friends. Everything is published to this blog in a TMFFS EXACTLY as it was on the user's facebook profile. I neither correct, embellish, nor fabricate facebook updates for these posts.**
** I have to include this disclaimer because I made an announcement on my facebook today that I changed my blog URL; this boosted my site traffic & exposed my thrown together posts to a slightly wider audience. Old readers, however, are still my favorite.

& also, in case you missed it: I changed my URL last month. Though I'm sure you realized this change in your address bar, my ever-alert reader(s), I am mentioning it nonetheless.
You can now access, Is this thing on? I wasn't prepared. at . <--basically if you're reading this right now, you're already doing something right.
This renders any and all scribbling of my former URL on bathroom stalls and bar tables, as a form of free publicity obviously, that I've done in the past, obsolete & no longer relevant.  & I've done A LOT of guerilla scribbling of my old URL on public benches, restaurant tables, walls, etc. <--ALL WASTED.

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