Monday, August 29, 2011

A Good Excuse

Scene: My brother Ray, myself, Sandy Manchez and Nini, leaving Nini's apartment for a night out on the town. We are dressed appropriately. Nini's dog escapes from her apartment and runs down three flights of stairs. We all lazily stare after him.

Nini: Alfie come back!
Me: ...
Ray: *pulls out a packet of cigarettes*
Nini: ALFIE!!! *looks around at all of us*
Me: Sandy Manchez, go get Alfie!
SM: What?
Me: Take your Filipino ass down stairs and find Alfie!
Nini: ...
Ray: *Pulls out a lighter.*
Me: Go!
SM: *begins reluctantly climbing down the stairs* Why do I have to go by myself?
Nini: *looks at Ray*
Ray: What? I'd go with him but I'm trying to light a cigarette. Have you ever tried to light a cigarette while running?
Nini: ...
Ray: It's damn near impossible.

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