Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I knew that one!

While at school, a fellow student walked by wearing a fedora, a black and red striped off the shoulder sweater, black jeggings and boots.

Gaga: What just happened?
Me: I know, right? Something just happened.
Fatty: An important person in history just walked by.
Krusts: I can't think of who's outfit that was, though.
Me: Yeah, but it was big.
Fatty: Fedoras are stupid.
Krusts: Wearing fedoras inside is stupid.
Me: Gosh, this is going to bother me all day. Who IS that???

.... moments pass.

All: Freddy Krueger!!!

Me: You guys, I should have known this one! I was playing Freddy Krueger last night on Mortal Kombat & he kept winning...Nazi bastard.
Fatty: ...what?
Me: He's a Mortal Kombat character now.

Much later when I was googling images for this post, my brother's girlfriend came into my room.
Girlfriend: ...what are you doing?
Me: umm. Nothing. Hanging out.
Girlfriend: Why is your computer full of Freddy Krueger images?
Me: Oh that. I'm blogging.
Girlfriend: You're so weird.

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