Monday, August 29, 2011

TMFFS: Keepin' it Real

A status update of a girl I went to high school with:

I hate when someone tells me "You're keep'n it too real? Bitch stfu, ain't no such thang as "keep'n too real.." unless you a fake muh'fucka!

I beg to differ.

In fact, Dave Chappelle had an entire segment on his show, The Dave Chappelle Show for those of who may be inquiring minds, called: When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong. 

Click that link. It's fun.

Anyway, a lot of fun things happen when you bing, "Keep it Real," for instance:

 & It was hard to choose which google image to use. Also, that whole thing up there about bing was bullshit. Let's not be ridiculous.
But in the end, the kittens won based on sheer adorableness and zombie references. 

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