Wednesday, September 14, 2011


While re-reading the post published immediately before this one, or Companion Piece, if you will, I realized I'd left something out.

The fact about girlfriends I'd left out was so important, so mammoth a fact, that it metaphorically round house kicked me to the ovaries.

It was so important that I'm incorporating this addendum in hopes of concluding this now three part series on my knowledge and experience (and clearly lack thereof) on the dating realm at a more honest place.

The fact about girlfriends that I over-looked was this:

Girlfriends queef.

Whenever it happens, if you could lessen our embarrassment by refraining from asking, "was that a fart?" it would be appreciated.

For the record, no one I've ever known has tried to deny farting by asserting it was a queef. But I'm getting off topic.

I now feel like I've better equiped my male readers to go forth and date women.
No need to thank me, just doing my civic duty.


  1. bahahahaha. I sure know if I were a male and unknowing of the opposite sex, I would feel better equipped to date now.