Friday, September 30, 2011

Things Couples Do

Me: ... okay, I know this is a movie so reality is thrown out of the window, but I think it'd be weird if people actually said stuff like this.
Solo: yeah, I guess it would be...

Me: wow; she has a gigantic bruise on her leg... ah, that sounds painful! Look at her face, I bet her jaw is sore & her gag reflex is being stimulated simultaneously.
Solo: ...

Me: He CANNOT be comfortable with his back pressed up against those stairs like that.
Solo: Wow, I wouldn't have thought of that. That must be uncomfortable.

Me: eww! Is that really what it looks like!
Solo: I hate close ups!

Me: Is this what you normally do?
Solo: No, usually I select a video a lot faster.
Me: So...
Solo: Well I was trying to be considerate.
Me: Aww, how thoughtful... that guy is REALLY hairy & he's not even in the shot.
Solo: It's not about him.

Solo: ... the sound isn't matched up with the visual.
Me: oooh.  I was wondering where that clapping was coming from...

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