Monday, October 24, 2011


Scene:  Driving with my brother, Ray, & my mom. Listening to the 90's station on xm radio. Song comes on with techno beat & Guatemalan flutes.

Ray: *starts singing Catholic Church hymn*
Me: ...what are you doing?
Ray: This song has Catholic Monks singing on it.
*Catholic Priests begin singing*
Me: ...what? This is so weird. What's happening?
*As part of song, women whispering in French, flutes, techno beat, & Catholic Priests still sounding*
Ray: The 90's were a tough time, Lauren.
Me: How do you even know this song?
*sounds of whales join song*
Ray: Mom used to have this CD.
Mom: I never had this CD.
Ray: Yeah you did. & the music video was all coyotes running through the desert & waterfalls.

You used to play this & the Enya CD all the time when we lived in Virginia.
Mom: Oh yeah! That trip where Lauren threw your shoes out of the car window.
Ray: ...& then I got beat.
Mom: *laughs*
Me: Wait, did that really happen?
Ray: You were always getting me beat when you were little. If you didn't like the taste of your cereal, I got beat.
Me: Ha!
later on, my brother, mom, Solo, & I sat down to dinner where I relayed this conversation to Solo.
My brother promptly found the song on his phone & played the first 30 seconds or so before turning it off & saying, "Well, if you can imagine another 4 minutes of that, that's the song."


  1. Dude my mom listened to her Enigma album ALL the time when I was growing up! I know EXACTLY which song you're describing!

  2. I think I know what you're talking about...but the one I found doesn't have coyotes, it has unicorns walking backwards...