Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TMFFS: Running Shit

A friend of mine, Bammy, is expecting.

Today, the fab4 suggested names for said fetus via facebook:

Me: tequoia shaquille or d'evantre shaquille (the middle name is unisex).

Bammy: you are on meth!

Fatty: I will call it Shaq either way.

Bammy: No!!!!

Krusts: No no, shaquita or lavonte.

Fatty: So many options!

Me: Bammy, you are loved. We are all pulling together to come up with the absolute worst names, evar. It's all for you, friend, it's all for you. ♥

...& also: shaquita sounds like taquito. In honor of this conversation, I'm going to name my first born taquito; don't steal it, Bammy!

Fatty: We. Are. Funny.

Bammy: Didn't know ya'll were hitting the dewbie during break!!! I think we have this covered. No help needed. But I'll let you guys know!!!
& poor taquito. Can you give the boy a normal middle name so he can get a job?

Me: taquito shaquille

Fatty: taquito IS normal in San Antonio.

Krusts: Shoot, with a name like taquito he won't need a job!

Bammy: So then what is he going to do, Krusts?

Krusts: He'll run the game, duh! I'm not sure what the game is but I hear lil wayne talk about it so it must be legit.

Bammy: lol, Oh OK!


these are my friends, you guys.

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